We would like to congratulate J-zweet for graduating from High school with straight A's (4.0 GPA) and for being Accepted into Berklee Music college!!! Born in Bellflower California J-zweet is a Sixteen year old musical powerhouse. She’s a singer, writer, dancer, rapper and a musician (keyboardist).  Her style is R&B/Hiphop/Pop. She's is now working on her new EP called: "Mind Yo Biz", it features nine songs written by J-zweet herself. Many are dance songs teamed with scorching ballads to show her style and strength as an artist. The songs for the EP takes on styles from the genres of R&B, Hiphop, and pop. She’s showing in this new project how comfortable and versatile she is in the studio spending long hours brainstorming new ideas.  Her inspiration comes from artist like H.E.R., Toni Braxton, And Justin Bieber to name a few.

  Not a typical teenager, she spends most of her days rehearsing, writing, dancing, singing, and preparing herself for the stage. Remember "Scandalous" is now available on all digital outlets!!! Let's support this up and coming artist as she grows into a Superstar!!!







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